Bisola Akpaette Wald

Bisola Akpaette Wald is a professional educator in the primary and secondary grades. She is passionate about teaching, empowering young women, and writing. As a first-generation immigrant from a single-parent household and a survivor of physical and sexual abuse, she uses her own influence, experience, and journey through trauma to serve and listen to inner-city students and families.

She is a daughter, sister, wife, mother, friend, mentor, teacher, and student. However, she is not defined by roles of service or relationships but believes that we are our own best, as women, when we engage our communities in ways that do not damage our emotional and physical selves. Leaving time and space for ourselves enables us to contribute to our families and circles with our hearts whole and open. We love deeper, lead better, and live richer when we are liberated from identities dependent on what we do for others. We, in all of God’s Glory and by Grace, are unique, powerful, and enough for this world and the next.

Bisola loves to participate in courageous conversations and social work that challenge her own implicit biases, interrupt ethnic and gender discrimination, and dismantle systems of oppression that promote socioeconomic hierarchy. An advocate of liberation theology, she believes that God does not suggest but demands the reparation and restoration of disenfranchised social groups through social activism and the participation of all people through racial reconciliation. Her hope is that these activists, alongside all men and women, would be used by God to rebuke and guide the church’s affections to one that is centered on love and compassion for marginalized communities over godless and loveless religion birthed through the propagation of self-perseverance, ethnocentrism, injustice, and privilege.

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