Bruce Wright

Rev. Dr. Bruce Wright holds a Doctorate in Ministry and a Master of Arts in Pastoral Psychology. He is a licensed addictions counselor and domestic violence counselor. Bruce is a Baptist pastor and an ordained Deacon with the Apostolic Catholic Church. He serves as the Director of Refuge Ministries Tampa Bay/International which operates three domestic missions and two foreign missions, including one in Sierra Leone which serves 68 orphaned girls. Refuge Ministries also partners with My Place In Recovery Faith Community, which works with more than 250 clients in transitional recovery and housing programs. Bruce is also on the Executive Committee of the Poor People’s Economic Human Rights Campaign. The campaign has 50 organizations of poor and homeless that are members including the Refuge. Bruce is a part of St. Pete for Peace, the Homeless Coalition, the League of Revolutionaries for a New America, and US Alliance of Inhabitants. Having experienced homelessness and been a recipient of government assistance, Bruce’s work comes from a place of personal experience as well as ethical conviction.

Bruce is also a musician and a poet. He is the host of the Revolutionary Road Radio Show on AM 1340 in Clearwater, Florida.

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