Jen Bluhm

Jen Bluhm is a Twin Cities based solo artist performing as “Waltzing on Waves. Jen carries a special appreciation for the bittersweet places, the preciously awkward paces, & the borderline absurd spaces that music can identify & elevate in the hearts & minds of humans. She knows her voice well, accessing techniques and devices from many different styles of music from Opera to Roots. She is a veteran songwriter of 25 years, an award-nominated film composer, & a gifted multi-instrumentalist.

As the wife and mother of Neurodivergent humans, & being Neurodivergent herself, a great passion of Jen’s is Neurodiversity & Mental Health Advocacy. She celebrates & embraces daily the beauty & depth that humans who are “wired” differently contribute to our world.  She uses her performances to “preach” beyond awareness and into acceptance and appreciation for Neurodiversity and Mental Health conditions while sharing resources and observations on how the disability system works for, and fails, everybody, but especially marginalized people groups.   Her heart is to bring validation to the struggle through her art and to bear witness to her privilege within it.

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